Mountain Edge NZ Capturing your hunting experience on film, so you can remember it forever!

Mountain Edge video productions specialises filming hunting safaris in the South Pacific and around the world. Filming and Editing is tailored for each client ensuring your experience can be re-lived with family and friends.


After 30 years hunting and taking several hard to get trophies of my own, I am fully aware of the need to remain undetected. 
With steady hand, tripod, high quality high definition cameras and radio mics, shots will be captured with precision producing a great memento featuring the challenges and triumphs of your safari.  
I will remain with you for the full duration of your stay.
Editing starts at the beginning of the hunt, I will talk with you to get an understanding of what aspects you feel are most important, ensuring your video is uniquely personalised. At the end of each day time will be spent going through the days footage taking notes to aid in final edit, also to make sure the vibe of your hunt comes through in the finished product.
Advanced software will be used to get the same results you see in commercial hunting videos. Your footage will be cut together with smooth transitions, music, special effects and placed onto DVD with personalised menu and chapters.
Your DVD disc and slick will be presented with shots taken on still camera during your safari. A copy of all photos will be burnt on to disc and sent with your DVD at no extra charge.
For a quote suited to your particular needs contact me at:


                        "Re-live your hunting adventures in High Definition"

Personalised DVD Sleeve example:














Filming Costs:

include: Cameraman, hire of video camera & essential equipment. any additional equipment will be subject to hire prices.
Day rate + all expenses during the safari ie. travel, accommodation, food, and observer rate if applicable.
(Day rate applies from the day of arrival until the day of departure) 
(Expenses include travel to and from hunting area)

Editing costs: 

Subject to duration of your hunt. 


*    All video & photos taken by Mountain Edge Video Productions maybe be used in the future for promoting Mountain Edge Video Productions.



Bull Tahr Country

Bull Tahr Country 

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Promotional Hunting Videos


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Time Lapse - Bull Tahr

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