Mountain Edge NZ Capturing your hunting experience on film, so you can remember it forever!

Mark Hamilton

Over the last ten years I have worked as a taxidermist, hunting guide, cameraman and video editor. My experience in these fields, and as a hunter, means I have a huge advantage over other videographers.

Mountain Edge Video Productions is based in the South Island of New Zealand, ready to travel with you to far off hunting grounds, in search of your next trophy.
My life has revolved around hunting one-way or the other since starting out at a young age hunting rabbits around our family farm. It wasn't long before I was drawn to chasing Red deer in forest filled valleys which soon saw me pushing up into the alpine meadows, then higher onto rocky snowy peaks in search of Chamois and Tahr.
My love for the environment, people, animals and the thrill of the chase, sees me running to the hills with camera or rifle when ever I get the chance.   
Early on when first picking up a camcorder and videoing my adventures a passion for getting the perfect shots soon evolved. I started working with the footage at home spending hours at a time working out the best combinations, and what shots to get next time.
Wanting to explore this more I began studying and completed a diploma in digital film. This gave me the skills to operate professional level cameras, technical editing suites and all the other aspects that go with achieving professional presented videos.